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As your about to start the new year, your most likely getting ready to prepare for an end of year performances and if this is your first time it can be both exciting and a little scary. In my first experience I was so worried I would forget something crucial I actually packed my car up with spare everything and lots of it but in actual fact, I wasn’t being totally nuts. The opportunities Ive had to perform since, I have found that having a few extra bits and pieces on hand can really save your performance and your life! For those getting ready for a virgin year of looking fabulous in the air here are some essential performance must haves;

MAKEUP While most of your performances may require you to be ready before you reach the venue its always good to have your makeup kit for those touch ups that are sometimes required while waiting and sweating backstage for our number to come on. It also doesn’t hurt to have some makeup wipes and removers on hand for those bad lighting situations, crowded dressing environments and when you just didn’t quite get your eye liner right. If your running more than one number you want to make sure that you bring an eye liner pencil sharpener and try not to lend out your mascara and lipstick to people; for hygiene reasons.

HAIR SPRAY, BOBBY PINS AND CLIPS Ok, yes you might have a million in your hair already but you should be prepared in case your hair doesn’t play and you have a few fly aways. Also hair spray is a great way to make your costume stick to your skin better or if you need to put body paint on. Spraying your skin lightly before application can help it stick better and not rub off during your performance.

SPARE TIGHTS Remember when your mother would tell you to wear clean underwear In case you have an accident? Well the same applies to having a spare set of dance tights… kinda. You can never be sure that your tights won’t snag or rip a hole at any given moment so its always good to pack an extra pair. I found during my hoop performance my tights would pill after rubbing against the tape which ended with them looking old and worn out, an extra pair ensured they looked pristine evertime and wouldn’t rip in those unforgiving places. Also check your tights before and after your performances, the last thing you want is a gapping hole in your lady bits…. its very distracting and not a good look. Come prepared!

SEWING KIT I sew my own costumes so I always pack a small sewing kit with a needle and a few different colour threads just in case. During my last performance I had to sew a strap on that wore down from use and also had to do some sewing on costumes for a trio I did on lyra so our dresses didn’t fly up and over our heads upside down. Come prepared, if you don’t have a spare set of tights you can always sew up that hole in case of emergencies. Throw in a pair of scissors too, you never know when you may just have to cut something (like fly away threads).

MIRROR WITH A LIGHT If you can get your hands on a mirror with a light embedded it can be pretty handly to have especially in those dark backstage dressing rooms. Come prepared with your own so you do not have to wait to use someone else’s. Your stage presence is your responsibility so come as prepared as you can. You can shop around and find some small cute compact ones with LED lights, easy to stow away and they fold down so they won’t break in your bag.

SNACKS Its pretty hungry work waiting around, stretching and warming up and sometimes the time you arrive to the time you leave could be quite a few hours and you missed a good meal. Pack some light snacks that can tie you over and make you feel full and energized. Protein Muesli bars were my savior last year and also bananas and almonds. Try and steer clear of anything that will make you feel bloated and tired; you want to keep your energy up but not make yourself too sleepy before your first performance.

EYELASH GLUE You would be very surprised what this stuff is also great for. Not only is it good to have on hand incase your flasies are not playing well, you can use it to glue on diamonties to your face and glitter. If you are wearing false lashes its always not a bad idea to bring in another set. I recently had to change mine because I cut them too short on one side and the second application wasn’t sitting too well. Lash Grip Glue all the way!

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