As your about to start the new year, your most likely getting ready to prepare for an end of year performances and if this is your first time it can be both exciting and a little scary. In my first experience I was so worried I would forget something crucial I actually packed my car up with spare everything and lots of it but in actual fact, I wasn’t being totally nuts. The opportunities Ive had to perform since, I have found that having a few extra bits and pieces on hand can really save your performance and your life! For those getting ready for a virgin year of looking fabulous in the air here are some essential performance must haves;

MAKEUP While most of your performances may require you to be ready before you reach the venue its always good to have your makeup kit for those touch ups that are sometimes required while waiting and sweating backstage for our number to come on. It also doesn’t hurt to have some makeup wipes and removers on hand for those bad lighting situations, crowded dressing environments and when you just didn’t quite get your eye liner right. If your running more than one number you want to make sure that you bring an eye liner pencil sharpener and try not to lend out your mascara and lipstick to people; for hygiene reasons.

HAIR SPRAY, BOBBY PINS AND CLIPS Ok, yes you might have a million in your hair already but you should be prepared in case your hair doesn’t play and you have a few fly aways. Also hair spray is a great way to make your costume stick to your skin better or if you need to put body paint on. Spraying your skin lightly before application can help it stick better and not rub off during your performance.