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(they/her) Lauren Watson


Lauren Watson is a Yugambeh (Gold Coast) based adaptive performing artist and aerial instructor specialising in aerial, circus, physical theatre and improvised movement. As an artist with disability, her body of work examines concepts that surround (dis)ableism, identity, personal experiences and pushing the limits to what the physical body can do.


Lauren has worked with artists and companies including Circa Contemporary Circus, Daniele Constance, Back to Back Theatre, David Carberry, Ashley Musk, Shock Therapy Productions and Bleach Festival.


Her work ‘Nerve’, co-created and produced with Celia White (GUSH, Vulcana Circus), premiered at Undercover Artist Festival/BrisbaneFestival in  2021 to a sold out audience. She recently collaborated with Daniele Constance to create the large-scale participatory work ‘Looks Like a Tourist’, premiering at Horizon Festival (Gubbi Gubbi Country) in 2022.


In 2019 she started advocating for access and inclusion in the arts and started her program called Adaptive aerial which focuses on people with physical disabilities experiencing aerial movement and performance. In 2021 she started working with Circa Contemporary Circus on creating their community circus program ‘Circability’ and works as an instructor and runs training programs for people who want to start working with adults with physical disabilities. 


Through her holistic practice, active listening, and celebration of diversity, she is inspired by how all bodies in space weave their own life’s tapestry and how this act or state of vulnerability dictates our communal environments and growth. Storytelling is intrinsic to growth, from our saddest experiences to optimum rejoicing, we have always changed the world with our storytelling. I am devoted to seeing change in this current climate.

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