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The Rejection: How to deal with your post audition blues

We don’t always get what we want and sadly as performers there will always be some seriously stiff competition! Its not all Centre Stage with two dreamy men battling over who’s loves you most while harnessing some epically bad feet, but it sure does hurt when it doesn’t go to plan. Its easy to ask yourself a million questions and beat yourself up but these experience can be good for you and with this being said, here are some things to think about when you are rejected:

YOUR NOT WHAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR Its so easy to wonder why you were not picked when your skills were by far better than those in the room but there is way more to it than pure talent. Perhaps they are seeking a specific type of person who fits in with the rest of the cast (you may be too short, too tall, too big, too thin, the wrong hair colour etc). Or perhaps its something as simple as they already have someone in mind but legally have to go through the process of auditioning anyway. The point is if you know you did a killer audition but didnt get the part its probably due to one of these factors and is completely outside of your control. Breathe.


Its pretty important to understand what your auditioning for, so when a friend of mine auditioned for a large circus company he felt he had it all covered. ‘After 3 days of auditioning (handstands, flex, acro aerial and special skill) I was called into the room for what i thought was the you-got-the-job moment. They had literally told me the day before I was exactly what they were looking for so I walked into the room with a panel of 6 and when they asked what song I had prepared I laughed. Unfortunately they were totally serious! It was a for a musical and I had no idea so they made me sing happy birthday and then I left. They didnt call.’ Sadly my friend didnt get that job but today works as a professional aerialist and can still laugh about it today. It happens to the best too.


If you had your heart set on a particular part, it can really hurt deep when your not selected but don’t worry it happens to everyone and more than you think. Remember there are also a bunch of people feeling the same way about the part as you do and when it comes down to it there will be more opportunities and perhaps this one wasn’t quite right for you. Let yourself be upset, cry if you need to and then let it go. Continue to work hard at what you do and it will pay off eventually.


There is no harm in calling and asking what is was that didn’t get you through. Knowing might actually help you grab the next one with ease. Perhaps you didn’t hold spacing or your feet sickle too much; either way knowing is good practice so you can fix those things that held you back in the first time.


As mentioned above, its ok to feel terrible about it but eventually your going to need to put your best foot forward and get on with the job. Surround yourself with people who are positive and supportive and shake off the negativity from others around you that aren’t. Eventually all your hard work will pay off and you’ll learn in time to grow that thick performer skin that will help you get through these hard times.

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