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The term 'adaptive' is used in various disability sports to describe that this particular activity has been modified or adapted for people with disabilities to enjoy and compete. When Lauren was looking for a word to describe what sets her aerial work apart from others, she stumbled on the term and applied it to a unique class aimed at people with disabilities so they too can enjoy this exciting and life changing experience too.   

Studied have shown that circus can be benificial for children with autism, mental illness and can also be an aide in finding the connection between the brain and the body. In short, no one should miss out on discovering circus.

In an inclusive environment that does not discriminate, you can discuss your goals, dreams and how you can be a part of a growing community on the Gold Coast. With one on one lessons with Lauren Watson in beginner hammock or hoop, you will learn how to develop strength, build a strong core, learn to invert confidently and discover tricks you can achieve at your own pace. 

These private lessons are for kids 12 and up to Adults of any fitness level. If you have concerns how you could participate please send me an email and I will get back to you within 24 hours. 

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